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Affordable Chalk Based Paint

Refurbishing friends! Lets talk about Chalk Based Paint. • Are you tired of spending a fortune on name brand paints and products? ! • Would you appreciate a wax that is as smooth as butter? ! o No more exhaustion from stiff wax! • How about choosing from a selection of 50 different paint colors? • OR. . . 13 different wax colors? ! • No sanding needed! If you are interested and can relate, then listen up! 3 words, one name, amazing brand! Heirloom Traditions Paint. A Place for Grace has officially become distributors for this specific chalk paint line. Coming from someone who has tried every brand, spent a fortune on products I didn't like in the end, and was tired of being sore from stiff wax products, Heirloom Traditions Paint has saved my life and furniture! Affordable top quality paint and products? ! YES PLEASE! I will be starting classes here shortly, If you are interested please contact us. Get your products! A Place for Grace Boutique 2700 S. College Ave. Just South of the Moot House Restaurant. See you soon!